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, on the beat patrolling in an area, scarfpin a pin used to hold tie in place. Stalwart strongly built, depeopled without people, reassuringly to restore confidence, proposition an area to explore. He did not even hesitate to get his best friend Bob arrested. Priestley, william Saroyan, marga Minco, patrick Pringle.
Though Jimmy had the warrant and authority to arrest Bob, yet he didnt. Answer a few simple questions and see how good you score. He was trying at each door ensuring that it was closed for the night. Sample Question, the author of the story. Answer: As informed by the policeman to the man from the West, Big Joe Bradys restaurant was pulled down five years ago. (a the police officer is not trying to show off. He would borrow one week, lend the next. The friends reached the fixed meeting point. So, these were After Twenty Years Questions Answers. Staunchest loyal and committed in attitude, hustling move hurriedly, bless my heart expression used to express sympathy (or fondness) for someone.

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After Twenty Years Story Quiz: Exam! Answer: Bob and Jimmy Wells, his best chum, were raised up in New York City. Answer: The twenty movie dramacool watch that Silky Bob wore was quite expensive. Question 6: Why did the man speak up quickly when the police man approached him? The weather is unpleasant.
Bully a person who use his/her strength to hurt people who are weak. But, when we see that he travelled miles and risked his life to meet his best friend, we realise how twenty movie dramacool loyal and faithful he was. Though he was a loyal and loving friend but for him, his duty comes first. The police officer is a humble and modest person. Answer: The story began around 10 oclock at night when the policeman was patrolling along the roadside trying doors, working as a guardian of peace. Twirled his club spin repeatedly a heavy stick with a thick end. So, are you ready to take the test? (d the police officer knows that people are watching him. Egotism thinking only about oneself and considering oneself better and more important than other people.

MCQ Answers of, after Twenty Years (.A / / m Compulsory English) (University of Gour Banga). After Twenty Years is a prose-piece written by- (A). Hill (d) Rober Lynd. The story of After Twenty Years involves- in an emotional. This comprehensive lesson plan includes 30 daily lessons, 180 multiple choice questions, 20 essay questions, 20 fun activities, and more - everything you need to teach.

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After Twenty Years Questions Answers - WittyChimp He received money intermittently. Let's test your knowledge with this story elements quiz. Question 9: Why do you think Jimmy Wells continued to indian twenty twenty squad for world cup talk to Silky Bob? Answer: It would sound funny to the listener as he had come all the way from indian twenty twenty squad for world cup the West to keep an appointment made twenty years ago.
Answer: Silky Bob said these words to the Patrolman Wells. Answer: Bob spoke to the policeman because he didnt want his behaviour to raise any suspicion. Chum a close friend, trying doors checking houses, guardian of peace look like a typical uniformed beat cop. This article will share After Twenty Years Questions Answers. His strong figure with a slight swagger made him a fine picture of a guardian of peace. It was then that they decided to meet, no matter what their conditions might be or from what distance they might have to come. What does the phrase- Anil made money by fits and starts mean?

After Twenty Years, story, quiz: Exam! 7 Questions By Kellycarey Last updated: Mar 22, 2022 Total Attempts: 5249. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Sequential Easy First Hard First.

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After Twenty Years Comprehension Questions Quiz - Quizizz Question 10: Describe the watch that Silky Bob was wearing. He is quite well-balanced and is faithful towards his duty and also towards his friend. Jimmy continued to talk to Bob for a while because he, as a friend mcq of after twenty years wanted to keep his promise of meeting him.
It was covered with small jewels all around it and gave the impression that it belonged to a very wealthy man. Have you read the popular 'Thief Story'? Snapped mcq of after twenty years say something irritably/lose ones self control. Answer: Silky Bob said these words to Jimmy. Questions: 10 Attempts: 22234 Last updated: Mar 21, 2022. They met and parted like strangers which must have been a real let down for Bob. Have you read the story: "The summer of the beautiful white horse"?

Create your own Quiz. What is ironic about the ending of After Twenty Years? Jimmy is the policeman who talks to Bob and then has Bob arrested. The man who shows up claiming to be Jimmy is really a criminal.